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We ran the numbers. You win.

Understanding how photographers price their services can feel like trying to deconstruct a recipe while eating a meal blindfolded. Exciting to some, but simply not necessary.

We developed a pricing model that’s easy to understand, fully transparent, and aims to serve you, the client, best.


Here’s how our pricing works.



Pricing starts with a base cost.

We set the price starting with a base cost (or an “early subtotal” as shown in our online HDH Estimate Calculator). The base cost starts at $100/person and then decreases as the quantity of individuals needing headshots gets larger.

Choose how you’d like to select your shots.

We offer a service called Live Image Preview where employees can view and select their favorite images on the spot. The cost is just $8/per person and free for businesses booking 60 or more people. The other option is Digital Proofing, which comes standard with all sessions.


Add on any groups shots you’d like.

Group shots are $45 per group setup, which includes the price for the first image. Then it’s just $25 per shot after that (if you want different types of shots within the same group setup).

Choose how you want your photos to be edited.

Basic Editing is included with every session, which covers the basics like lighting correction and color balance. Advanced Editing is available for $20/person per image, and Professional Retouching for just $35/person per image.


Choose your turnaround time.

  • 6 to 8 week | 10% discount

  • 2 to 4 week | Included

  • 5 business day | +25% of subtotal

  • 72-hour* | +35% of subtotal

  • 24-hour* | +50% of subtotal

Discounts for those who serve.

We offer a 10% discount for not-for-profits, police officers & firefighters, active duty military, churches & religious organizations, NGOs, and other organizations.

*Not including Sundays. Turnaround time begins once final images have been selected.


Estimates? More like Yestimates.



We know how monotonous and lengthy a process it can be to get a reliable estimate for any service—photographers are certainly not excluded.

We developed a super duper tool, just for you. It’s called The HDH Estimate Calculator, and it’s the fastest, friendliest way to get an accurate quote. It takes less than 5 minutes and you’ll get your estimate emailed to your inbox in seconds.

If you prefer the conventional route, or if perhaps you want something a little more custom, feel free to submit an estimate request for a same-day quote.


Use our super fresh

HDH Estimate Calculator

and get an estimate in minutes.

Get an estimate using the HDH Estimate Calculator to generate a realtime cost and time estimate. Once filled out and submitted, you will receive an immediate email with a cost breakdown and estimate details.


Or you can

Submit An Estimate Request

and get an estimate same-day.

Get an estimate manually by filling out some basic information. After submitting, our team will review the information and follow up with any questions we have. An estimate will be emailed to you manually in about 1 to 2 business days.


It’s about time. And expectations.



The HDH Estimate Calculator also estimates time & on/off-site studio costs.

The HDH Estimate Calculator doesn’t just help you navigate cost, it also estimates how long your company’s photoshoot will likely take, including setup and teardown time. It then uses that information to generate the median cost for studio bookings or in-office studio setup.

Can’t shoot at the office? We’ve got studio access.

We have access to and partner with some of the best photo studios in town. All studios are different but can generally accommodate groups of larger sizes. We’ll do the booking and help with the coordination.


The Porridge Test

The Porridge Test is our way of ensuring that we’re responding as accurately as possible to the needs of your photoshoot. If the price seems too high, too low, or just right based on what you've filled in, let us know. The Porridge Test is the last question in our HDH Estimate Calculator and is our way of gauging your company’s needs as they relate to cost.


*Studio rentals are based on the respective studio’s fees. Depending on group sizes, studio lighting and other equipment may need to be rented.


What happens after the shoot?



As far as image selection goes, if you selected Live Image Preview and everyone has chosen their final headshots, we’ll simply get started editing the shots. If you chose Digital Proofing, we’ll send you a Dropbox link with access to your watermarked proofs and instructions on how to select the final shots.

As for editing, if you chose Advanced Editing or Professional Retouching, we send the selected shots to our amazing partners at Pixion & Graphica retouching services. We’ve worked with them for years and they always deliver amazing results.


Time to get started.


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